10 Email Marketing Trends 2018 That You Should Know

Email Marketing is a proven method of marketing tactics for B2B and B2C businesses. It has become an essential tool for any business marketing strategy ever since the internet has come into existence.

Email marketing is a powerful tool for engaging, acquiring and retaining customers to help your business thrive. Email marketing trends have been around for decades, and it’s still one of the most effective digital marketing channels available when it is done properly.

2017 was a great year for email marketing.

Email marketing continues to be a vital communications channel as the year of 2017 proved that email receives 30 times return on investment on average.

According to Neil Patel, there are 11 types of marketing email that actually generate a good response and he also guides you how to do email marketing.

Staying in touch with the latest trends and best practices of email marketing keeps you on top of it. So, let’s take a look what kind of email marketing strategy and trends going to act in 2018.

(1) Interactive Email

Interactive email provides your audience everything they need on a plate with minimal efforts for them. It does not allow users to move out of the inbox directing any separate page to view content, interact with video or to complete any surveys. Thus, it increases the engagement ratio and reduces bounce rates. Creating interactive emails is the best way to approach this.

Literally, people love interacting with emails that include integrated forms, image galleries, banners, sliders, quizzes, surveys, and polls. Interactive content in the inbox make a big impact in email marketing and this trend is going to continue in 2018.

(2) AI-Powered Email Marketing

AI-Powered Email Marketing helps marketers achieve better engagement rate with their emails. It gives you the advantage of understanding each customer at an individual level and empowers you to act on that understanding, automatically in real-time.

AI and machine learning technologies are the future of email marketing. In this advanced technology era, many companies are throwing their billions of dollars in developing new technologies that use AI to make our everyday lives better.

In the nearest future, machine learning is going to make email marketing much easier by suggesting us ways to segment email lists, integrate product recommendations, and send more personalized emails that target individuals.

You must focus on precise email marketing services that help you who to target, what to say and when to reach to, so you can achieve the outcomes that matter to your business.

(3) Mobile Friendly Emails

It has been observed that each time you send an email, the maximum number of your subscribers open your emails on their phones or tablets – not on their desktop or laptop. This makes it clear that mobile is the future of email marketing.

When it comes to building emails for mobiles, you need to take care of certain email marketing designs elements. Your email designs should be precise, clear and mobile responsive.


Mobile friendly emails require a different approach when compared to traditional campaigns. Emails must be mobile-optimized so that it can increase loading time, and generate high click-through rate.

Marketers have now started realizing the significance of optimizing email marketing for a mobile device. In 2018, more email marketing campaigns will focus on offering the best experience to mobile users.

(4) Create Plain Text Emails

Creating fancy, filled with images, banners and high-quality email design templates with HTML is an old method of email marketing technique. In a modern day, people are only getting annoyed with these kinds of emails which are being used by only big corporate brands.

Plain-text emails are more effective and interactive than HTML emails. It increases better deliverability rates, higher email open rates, click-through-rates, and engagement rates.

Whenever you create an HTML campaign, plain-text version of your campaign is automatically generated and sent to contacts who love to receive plain text emails. Even though you can create a plain-text emails campaign only to gain more credibility.

(5) Email Marketing Segmentation

Segmenting your email-marketing list helps you get better open and click rates. By narrowing your focus and sending messages to targeted groups within your lists, your recipients will find your campaigns more relevant—and relevant campaigns get better results.

Email marketing segmentation is implemented as a personalized strategy to provide more relevant emails to subscribers on the basis of their geographic location, age, gender, interests, purchase history, and much more.

It’s an email marketing best practices utilizing list segmentation in email marketing strategies that help businesses generate more than 14% email opens and get 100.95% clicks from email campaign services.

Therefore, email marketing segmentation is going to be an effective email marketing strategy in 2018 to increase open rates, boost the effectiveness of email campaigns and email marketing for lead generation.

(6) Email Automation

Automated emails have become an essential part of any effective marketing campaign. It helps you to save time and money. You can reach your audience exactly when they need it and when they are most likely to convert. It allows you to dynamically send relevant content to individual recipients.

Email automation will not beat the human race yet, but will continue its expansion to creating attractive subject lines for better open rates and will learn from users’ behavior when is the best time to send emails to them.


Marketing automation services are set up by many marketers to send personalized emails to many customers using bulk email marketing services which allow them to segment emails based on specific parameters set by them.

Email automation helps you build your business, it is the most effective way to improve the productivity of a campaign manager because it enables you to send out messages to your customers at right times to right inbox without disrupting you.

(7) Big data and email personalization

If you are still not incorporating big data into your email marketing strategy, it is high time to get started. Email marketers have a great opportunity for leveraging big data in order to deliver high-impact, relevant content to the right audience segments through the right delivery channel at the right time.

Certainly, receiving and leveraging the right data is not as simple as it sounds. Big data strategy will expand your personalization tactics and drive higher results.

Big Data has reached nearly every facet of business in last few years, empowering brands to create highly personalized and effective campaigns by analyzing detailed consumer data. Email marketers already using Big Data to segment their target audiences based on previous purchases and Web browsing history.

This helps in improving the effectiveness of your email campaigns, save time and resources and increase conversion rates.

(8) Embed video in email

Embedding video allows you to embed video in your email marketing content. It’s a great tool for attracting your customer’s attention towards your product and services. Embedded video in emails improves user experience and ensures high engagement.

Marketers do not want to miss out this effective marketing strategy as it helps marketers in demonstrating their product and services features. Embedded video has become an emerging email marketing trend which is going to play a huge role in 2018.

(9) Optimize Call-to-Action

Call to action is one of the most effective marketing tactics within email campaign. If you want to grasp the email marketing advantages, you must focus on optimizing your calls to action button with your email copy. CTA benefits you to maximize the high click-through-rate and achieve the business goal – people will purchase your product/services, register for an event, and fill out a survey etc.

Nobody really cares anymore about a generic newsletter. You already have subscribers, now the next goal is to get these subscribers click and perform an action. Many marketers have already shifted towards using segmentation, automation, and personalization.

Without CTA there is no point of emailing them in the first place. Including an actionable, inspiring, and persuading call-to-action button in place of a text link can increase high conversion rates by as much as 18.4%.

(10) Conversational Tone in Writing

The conversational tone in writing increases personal interaction and enhance user engagement. The tone you choose to use your emails copy might affect the way your customers will respond. The conversational tone might not be effective for all industry verticals but it makes a good vibe and genuine relation between the customers and brand.

It will ask your users questions before diverting them to any different landing page where they can get the answers. Therefore, this formal approach may be a better marketing strategy for B2B sectors, asking questions and starting a conversation with your audience is important for engagement. It leads a successful email marketing campaign.


Hope you include these above email marketing tips in your marketing efforts. These are the latest email marketing benchmarks, key data, trends, and metrics that will help more marketers realize the true power of email marketing and use them to grow their businesses.

In addition, we can expect to see more advanced automation technologies, deeper personalization, and SEO-friendly A/B split testing tools to optimize emails for maximum effect. If you are already using some of these trends, please let us know in the comments below.

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