business owners should learn digital marketing

5 Big Reasons for Business Owners to Learn Digital Marketing

Inescapable in this modern world where technology and the internet invade our daily lives, the digital transformation defines the process that leads a company to adopt new tools, to adapt, to evolve its practices to perform in this new environment. On the marketing front, according to the Magento ecommerce agency and ecommerce Development Company, it’s a matter of adapting its networking, prospecting and sales methods, capitalizing on the latest digital developments and taking into account new consumer expectations.

Here are 5 great reasons for business owners to learn digital marketing

1. Because according to Internet World Stats,  there are 4.05 billion internet users in 2017in the world.

According to the International Telecommunication Union, the number of Internet users at the end of 2016 is about 3.9 billion (about 47% of the world’s population).

Whatever happens, you will have to take a moment to put yourself in it. The more you do it late, the more your competitors will get ahead of you.

The digital revolution is largely underway. Worldwide, one in two people now use the internet. In 2018, the milestone of four billion Internet users was exceeded with a 7% increase in the space of one year, according to Hootsuite Annual Digital Report and We Are Social.

Screens have largely taken place in homes, whether via computers, tablets or smartphones. In the same way, the consultation of the traditional supports is decreasing, and the mobility explodes…

In this context, even if you are reluctant to communicate on the Internet, it will quickly become a matter of survival for your business in most industries because you will need to reach your users where they are.

  1. Because 80% of people inquire on the internet before buying

According to Reputation VIP, on the Internet, 85% of users make purchases and 80% inquire before buying The second reason to invest on the internet for your marketing is in changing consumer habits. According to Google’s latest consumer barometer, they begin their buying process by searching for information on the internet. The absence of a digital presence prevents you from being visible to those immediate customers who may be looking for a product that your company could provide.


3. Because 3.3 billion people are active on the social network according to BDM.  Communication on social networks is an integral part of digital transformation. Facebook is leading with 2.2 billion people connected. Among these Internet users, 38% follow at least one brand (50% of which follow more than 5). By subscribing to the brand pages, they want to benefit from commercial promotions, get advice on products and services, give their opinion, interact with the brand or receive exclusive information. Consumers no longer only want to be actors in their purchases and see brands as inaccessible entities. Today, it’s time for exchange, sharing and proximity, and this is impossible without a proactive digital presence. By refusing the digital transformation, you immediately cut yourself off from new consumers who are absolutely trying to humanize their relations with companies.


4. Because the cost of acquiring a lead is 60% lower on the internet. Thanks to the personalization of the message, the humanization of the relationship and the techniques of acquisition of traffic, you build a qualified prospecting file, which is much easier to transform. As a result, the cost of acquiring a contact via digital methods is 60% lower than using traditional techniques.  Do not take the digital marketing train will force you to maintain methods of prospecting and expensive sales, not appreciated by users, and less and less effective.


  1. Because several companies that went bankrupt in 2013 were not on the internet.

The shortcut is tempting even if it is a bit simplistic, we have not resisted. The simple fact of existing on the internet allows you to greatly expand your market and your audience.

The proof: the vast majority of companies that filed for bankruptcy in 2013 had no digital presence.

Not having a website means cutting off the 80% of people who do research before going to the act of purchase. It also leaves the field open to 1.4 billion internet sites worldwide, according to ORSON.iO.

Among this important number, surely are some of your competitors. Would you like to let them take your market share? The digital transformation of marketing is not a luxury, but a necessity that will allow your business to stay in the market and win new customers.

Contrary to popular belief, digital marketing is not expensive to implement and, with the right strategy, it becomes even more profitable than traditional marketing. 


Faced with the virtual necessity of using the formidable tool represented by social networks, companies are forced to resort to changes in their working methods, the main one being to accustom their members to the interest of these companies.

Networks and train its staff in the departments that will have to use them daily. To do this, companies can use several methods: Ø  Use external stakeholders to train staff for conferences or training. The staff concerned will be initiated in a very professional and complete way but this represents a significant investment for the company. Ø  Teaching E-learning: internal training actions at the company, slower than the previous method but which cost the company much less money.  It may be a group of employees who are more “interested” than others, who have researched social networks as self-taught, who will teach their colleagues the fineness of this tool.  E-learning is a method of internal communication that is done through regular meetings, for example at a weekly pace.  Companies with many employees in several cities or even different countries can use this method via videoconferences. The target audience generally includes senior managers, HR directors, managers, sales and marketing managers, customer service managers and members of internal communication.

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