7 Reasons of Buying Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

Samsung’s smartphone lineup has a lot of overlaps and there are confusing similarities between models, especially since older ones continue to be sold alongside newer ones. It’s a big confusion between buyers whether they should buy the new ones or continue with the old ones. The fact is that there are few similarities in all different models but still few features of every model make them apart from each other. The Korean giant has also recycled its basic template over and over again.  And even with a move to metal bodies over the past year or so, most of its phones look just like one another.

But I will tell you 7 genuine reasons of buying this mobile phone.

Live in High Definition: –

Style comes redefined with the 15.20 cm (6.0) FHD sAMOLED Display on the new Galaxy C9 Pro. Experience your world come alive in its full splendor as you set off on your quest for the extraordinary.C9 pro with 4000 mah battery

However, the new Galaxy C9 Pro is a direct shot against all the upstarts nipping at its heels. It’s the biggest departure I’ve seen from this company in ages, in terms of styling as well as strategy. It capitalizes on the premium Samsung brand in a price segment that people look at when they want a polished, capable device, and it designs around exactly the features and specifications that people want right now.

Powered for those who fearlessly do: –

It goes a long way with a 4000 mAh high-capacity battery in the new Galaxy C9 Pro. If it ever runs out of charge, the USB Type-C ensures that your device gets charged in a whiz.

The Galaxy C9 Pro’s body is large enough for a 4000mAh battery, and quick charging is supportive with a compatible charger. The front and rear cameras both have 16-megapixel sensors and f/1.9 aperture lenses, and there’s a dual-tone LED flash on the rear.

You get 64GB of built-in storage and microSD card compatibility goes up to 256GB, so you really shouldn’t be worried about running out of space. The Galaxy C9 Pro also supports dual-band Wi-Fi ac, Bluetooth 4.2, LTE, VoLTE, and GPS. Samsung is late to the USB Type-C party, but at least the company is on board now.

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro software: –

One disappointment is that this phone runs Android 6.0.1, not Nougat. While we expect that there will be an update considering this phone’s premium positioning, we don’t know when that might happen. Samsung’s UI is pretty simple and certainly more polished than what we see from smaller companies. Everything is where you’d expect to find it.15.20 cm FHD sAMOLED Display

The Galaxy C9 Pro features an always-on display mode, just like the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. You can see the time in one or two time zones, a calendar, as well as the battery level and icons for missed notifications. Unlike the monochrome power-saving modes on other phones, you can choose colors and even background patterns. When the phone is in standby, the backlight goes off but you can still see this information on the screen. However, in our experience, the backlight would suddenly come on at random times, even if the phone was lying undisturbed. That was very distracting, especially at night.

The Settings app has handy shortcuts that help you find related settings in other subsections. In here, you’ll find additional features that Samsung has thrown in, such as a blue light filter with a schedule, an easy mode, a game mode which disables the capacitive touch keys and suppresses notifications, assorted gesture shortcuts, power saving and storage cleanup tools, and even a shortcut to an online user manual.

It carries what is dear to your heart with a 64 GB internal memory in the new Galaxy C9 Pro. If that’s not enough, expand it to a massive 256 GB to make space for it all.

Camera Performance: –

It has a sharper picture even in the Sunset by the river, a walk in the rain or the beaming lights in the sky – now capture everything sharper than ever with an equally brilliant 16 MP, F/1.9 rear camera with dual flash.

16 MP Rear Camera

With 16-megapixel sensors at the back as well as at the front, it’s clear that Samsung is trying to impress buyers. The camera app has a very clean layout, and you can double-press the home button to launch it at any point. The Pro mode lets you adjust metering in addition to exposure, ISO, and white balance. There’s a button for video recording so you don’t have to switch to another mode first.

You can swipe right to choose from one of eight filters, but what’s more interesting is that you can download more filters and effects including ones from third-party apps such as Line and Candy Camera. Most of these are free as of now, but there is some that cost over Rs 100.

The quality of the Galaxy C9 Pro’s rear camera really is brilliant. It’s quick to lock focus and there’s no shutter lag to speak of. Photos look sharp and rich, with fine detailing even when seen at their actual size. The large screen makes framing very easy, and we were able to achieve some great depth-of-field effects. The noise was manageable in shots taken at night as long as there was at least some ambient lighting, and colors were also well maintaining.

Designed to dazzle: –

The new Galaxy C9 Pro boasts of looks that turn heads. With its slim design and 2.5D Gorilla Glass, be ready to increase your followers every time you carry it.

Spectacular Selfies: –

Explore your adventurous side with a brilliant 16 MP front camera in the new Galaxy C9 Pro. Your selfies and groupfies will be envied when you share it all.

64 GB + 256 GB 2+1 dual sim slot


Speed that thrills: –

Set the pace with the new Galaxy C9 Pro. Powered by a ground-breaking 6 GB RAM and 1.95 GHz Octa-core processor, the new Galaxy C9 Pro takes multitasking to the next level. Watch your favorite videos, download content, shuffle between apps – do it all in a jiffy.

The star of the show here is undoubtedly the 6-inch Super AMOLED screen. The Galaxy C9 Pro might be larger than Samsung’s Galaxy S and Note models, but it isn’t quite at that flagship level, so the screen has a full-HD panel rather than 2560×1440. However, 1080p should be good enough for most people, and I  had no issues with clarity or sharpness. Viewing angles are good and colors aren’t too saturated.

The SoC is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 653, which has four Cortex-A72 cores running at 1.95GHz and four more Cortex-A53 cores running at 1.44GHz and integrated Adreno 510 graphics. One of this phone’s headline features is that it has 6GB of RAM, which might be overkill but definitely looks good to prospective buyers.

The bottome line is that it is loved by those people who don’t mind the big 6-inch display and want a phone that looks good. It does not get frozen or get stopped in the middle of the stuff, so this is hassle free. If your primary aim is video consumption, be it on Facebook or YouTube, etc, this device can easily live up to those tasks and it delivers well. The camera is also one of the better ones in the price range, though the low-light performance is weak. The main concern though, for a lot of users will be the price tag.  Which I feel is on the higher side, given what the competition is offering.

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