Why Should You Choose Digital Marketing As a Career?

Digital Marketing CareerAs we know, increasingly companies are tweaking their marketing away from traditional methods and moving towards Digital. It is proving an amazing career choice for out-going, busy people. Here we look at all the aspects of why it’s such an amazing career; always changing, always busy, always interesting and with great long-term prospects.


By now you’ve probably heard the hype – digital marketing skills are in serious demand and the digital skills gap is set to widen, the job market is booming and brands are putting more of a focus on digital marketing than ever before. Bigger budgets, increased pay and more career choice are just some of the benefits digital marketing professionals can look forward to this year and beyond.


Digital marketing professionals are in high demand nowadays and there are few reasons of this.  The first reason is this; the company is modifying their marketing strategies to optimize their online presence and reach their customers. They are building websites, advertising on social media, sending personalized email offers as well as producing and promoting a lot of content.

The industry needs to frequently adapt to new strategies and best practices which make the job a constant revelation. Marketers need to always be on their toes and informed about the latest happenings around the world.

Digital Marketing is emerging and has not produced enough professionals to meet all demand and all industry requires digital marketing strategies to reach their audience. Therefore, the demand of this job is on a high pitch.

There are so many different styles of marketing that you can incorporate into your work schedule:

  • Email Marketing
  • Search engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Copywriting
  • Web design and Development
  • Advertising

All these mean is basically you can never get bored with your job. You can focus on one sector for a while, then move on to develop your skills in another, and soon enough be an expert in many different areas, you can choose what you do!

It’s a high get paid career option

We’ve already talked about how demand for digital marketing professionals is exceeding supply. In traditional economics we all know what happens next – the value of the product increases along with the price. When you’re working in a fruitful industry with a large skills shortage you can think of yourself as a commodity – and negotiate your salary accordingly.

Based on experience, digital marketers in an entry level position earn $56,000. Those who are in their mid-careers, i.e., with 5-10 years of experience earn $72,000. The experienced ones earn $83,000 and those in their late careers with above 20 years of experience earn $94,000.

Average salary by level of digital marketing experience

Based on the different job roles available, there is a bifurcation in the salaries as well. Email Marketers earn an average of $58,767, SEO specialists earn $60,428, Copy and content writers earn $80,000, social media marketers earn $76,279, advertisers earn $76,279, SEM specialists earn $65,579, mobile marketers earn $61,000, and web analysts earn $42,825.

Average Salary by digital marketing function

Digital marketing is one of those careers that require street smarts.  The use of Social Media in your job means that you have to be aware of what is going on in the world and be able to communicate with people.  It’s all well knowing exactly how something works, but knowing how to address it and how to interpret the outcome is the most important aspect of the role.


So there you have it. The doors to the digital marketing world have been opened. It is up to you to take your first step.

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