Which Are The Most in Demand Digital Marketing Skills?

Digital Marketing SkillsDigital Marketing skills are followed by more traditional skills in Strategic Thinking, Brand Marketing and Loyalty/CRM and Product marketing. Focus on developing digital marketing skills may not be sufficient since marketing fundamentals are still at the heart of effective marketing.

And this is not just entrepreneurs who need digital marketing chops. With the right digital marketing skill set, you can become one of the most valuable members of a company within a very short period of time.  If you are working with a start-up company, as a business or self-employed, nowadays digital marketing skills are very much essential.

But the question is here, which is the most in-demand digital marketing skills if you want to make it as bread and butter.

Technical organization administrative

There are many different areas in digital marketing where you can make yourself as an expert in that specific field. It’s totally up to you which one you choose according to your talent and skills.

So, here is a list of those all most in-demand digital marketing skills.

  • SEO Specialist

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t just about getting your website found anymore. As Google’s search algorithm matures businesses are becoming more aware of the importance of implementing white hat solutions like content marketing and guest blogging.

I have also heard from many people that SEO is no more effective that much as it used to be. You cannot put yourself in a good position with this specialization.

But I would like to say that SEO is not dead-in fact it’s growing faster, changing a lot, and evolving at a rapid rate.

SEO is just as important now as it’s ever been before.

But there is far more to SEO than just getting your website to show up for certain search queries.

Due to the changes in Google’s search algorithm, SEO practices are changing.

It has been accepted as one of the most in-demand digital marketing skills by the recruiters.

Digital marketing managers need to find people who have built up a deep understanding of two core things: 1. the importance of providing value to the customer and building important relationships through inbound marketing practices. 2. The technical elements involved like canonicalization and XML sitemaps.


Businesses are beginning to understand the importance of white-hat marketing techniques, such as content marketing and guest blogging, which are becoming a critical part of SEO success.


  • PPC Specialist or Executive

There are a number of companies or individual making high amounts of revenue with their paid advertising tools. This is another skill in most demand as a digital marketing professional.

The demand for Pay Per Click (PPC) specialists is heating up as businesses begin to see the important role PPC plays in bringing targeted traffic to their website. The role of the PPC executive is simple in theory: try and get the company’s website to the highest Google ranking possible. However, with high budgets at stake and more businesses than ever fighting for that coveted number one position, finding the right candidate can prove tricky.

The ultimate goal of PPC is to help a company’s website reach rank #1 within Google by bringing in high quality, targeted traffic.

If you want to make a career as a PPC executive then you’ll need excellent maths and strategy skills. A firm grasp of both Google Adwords and Google Analytics is absolutely essential to ensure that you can effectively create, optimize and report on results-driven campaigns for your business.

  • Content Writer/Marketer

Companies are still struggling with ways to create content that truly engages their audience.  Because Content marketing is king.

Those that have been able to do so have enjoyed greater success in their digital marketing strategies. Having the ability to craft this type of content is at the top of the skills list for the digital marketing career. Using a team of skilled copywriters, I’ve been able to see a difference in engagement levels in the content we produce.

If you can learn how to curate and create incredible content for companies and then market that content to the point of it going viral, you’ll become one of the most valuable assets for those companies.

The cool thing about content marketing is that it goes hand in hand with many other skills listed in this article.

If you can learn how to improve your social media skills, you’ll improve your content marketing skills.

Businesses are finding it difficult to find good writers with a firm knowledge of digital marketing. If you are a writer and are interested in becoming a content marketer you will need to spend some time learning and practicing the digital marketing fundamentals. Even more important? You will need to showcase your ability to create and implement an effective content marketing strategy that can help lead generation and increase engagement and brand loyalty.

  • Social Media Marketing

People are relying on their smartphones for most online communication, including social media, search, email and more. Nowadays everyone is using the social media platform to build the relation worldwide or fun with friends.

That means having those who are skilled in understanding know how to use the various tools and platforms in a social media environment, which is much different from traditional. This requires having a cross-section of marketing skills in addition to the experience of working within the social media environment.

There are 10 ways to increase your social media engagement. Top tactics for getting your audience to like, share, click and comment on your social media posts.

1.Know why your audience is on social media. 2. Know what your audience does away from social media. 3. Be funny. 4. Ask for a specific reaction. 5. Ask for a review. 6. Share some compelling data. 7. Unveil a new product. 8. Give something away. 9. Stream live videos. 10. Use polls and surveys.

  • UX Designers/Developers

UX designers are responsible for ensuring that products, websites, and other online platforms are easy to use and provide the customer with a pleasant experience.

Unlike most of the skills listed in this article, the design is not directly responsible for bringing in new customers or generating leads.

However, it is responsible for ensuring that all of the effort companies put into other online marketing avenues is maximized.

Demands for technical skills are also at an all-time high – for example, today User Experience (UX) designers have highly sought after. User Experience Designers plan and create the look and feel of a website (or mobile application) to meet the demands, needs, and desires of a brand’s target audience. Businesses are recognizing the growing importance of this role as consumers continue to demand better products and experiences.

Daily tasks are varied but can involve creating wireframes, conducting user testing, creating surveys, analyzing data and sketching out storyboards. A UX designer is responsible for enhancing customer satisfaction by improving the usability, navigation, and ease of a product. They have one goal in mind: improving the user’s path.

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