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9 Essential SEO Tips to Remember in 2019

SEO tips are always altering and are never constant.

However, few principles remain the same because they are the core of SEO. For example, the relevance of keywords remains but with a different reason.

Now they are no more needed to stuff in the content which used to improve the organic ranking earlier.

This is now a different game where keywords still have a role which is to provide information about the user and their requirements.

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Apart from the keywords, there are other SEO factors which are either changed or new to the SEO world.

We here give you a complete list for 9 very important SEO tips for 2019.

  1. High- quality content

Write content which the search crawlers can find them easily. They should be reward worthy too as the crawlers identify the best ones and let them surface in the search results.

Never compromise the quality of the content, you are publishing them for humans as well as for the search crawlers. Both are in pursuit of good quality content. As you can see in the search results that for one query, they suggest endless pages which all have the content which will provide answers to your query.

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They all will serve you the answers you are looking for.

But the game is different when you want to surface your content in the top rank. You need unique content.

But how to create unique content in the already saturated topic?

A lot depends on the framework and layout of the content and here are the tips that will help you to create good and unique content.

  • Focus on H1 and H2 tags.
  • Do not stuff the keywords in the content, but spread them wisely.
  • Use LSI keywords as they are the best option for 2019.
  • Make the read easy with italics, underline, and easy yet active words which connects with the reader immediately.
  • Avoid spelling and grammatical errors at any cost, not only they look bad but also have a question on the worthiness of the website. 
  • Page title

Page title informs the guest what you need to tell them about. The content of the particular page must accord with the title.

To create a unique title which clearly informs what is there on a page, do not make uselessly long or lengthy titles. Make them brief, without any errors and perfect to inform the reader about the content of the page.

  • Page speed

Searches are made to find answers to their queries and the condition is that the result should be quick. No one has the time or patience to let the website take its own time to load.

This is a feature which will determine the ranking of the website as it will have an impact on SEO.

Never make the mistake of having the same title for landing page and posts title. This will confuse the crawlers and they will dismiss it.

Write titles which describe the page content and make them informative.

  • Mobile friendly website

This is the year which will follow the trend of making most of the searches through mobile.

So, the SEO tip is to make your website mobile-friendly. Let is adjust to the screen size and fit accordingly.

Why mobile compatibility is so important?

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Most ofthe searches are made through mobile, especially on the go. Traveling from home to office, before going to sleep, leisure time and even for short breaks, mobile is the easiest way to find answers to their queries.

If your website is not compatible with mobiles, you lose your audience. no one will take the pain of looking for those websites which do not fit in the small screen of the handy device. It is a very relevant thing for SEO this year and will continue and become more intense for sure.

  • Let trustworthy website link to you

Allow other websites to post their content on your site. This is mutual because you gain a different angle for your readers. They get hooked to your blogs as they now have a different read and does not have the monotony of your content.

Also, inbound links are still very much important for SEO.

Do you know that Google acknowledges and rewards a natural link profile? Well, to get the best of SEO juices you need to follow what pleases the world most popular search engine and for this, you can create a mix of ‘dofollow’ and ‘nofollow’ links.

Tyr to create high-quality content which will provide answers to the searches made by humans and also the search crawlers find them engaging also. So much so, that the high quality should urge them to link you and then share your content on their social media profile.

  • You should link yourself with trustworthy sites

It is mutual, you let others post their content on your website and so you too can ask them for the same.

This will allow you to reach a completely new audience.

For this, you need to create high- quality content which will serve the purpose. No one likes to publish low- quality poor content which is refreshed and written. Try unique and write creatively to make and establish your own niche.

  • Use metrics from the very beginning

Use software which helps to figure out what is working and what is not working. But, wait, do not assume they are for huge and already establish websites. In fact, the newbies also need them.

Google Search Console, Google Analytics is the most popular ones.

They inform you about the bounce rate, how much time visitors spend on your website, and how each page in the website is performing. A very important aspect which will affect SEO in 2019 for websites to follow. 

  • Every page should have a relevant meta description

The vital SEO tip which most people neglect is to create well written and crafted meta descriptions.

Not only the result publishes them along with the link of the website, but the searcher also figures out what is there for them in the content.

 It is like an introduction to your site and so cannot be ignored or dismissed.

Even the search engines do not like copied content and sometimes even penalized the site for doing so.

  • URL’s should be meaningful and readable

The reader, as well as the search engine, should be able to read the URL without any issue.

Do keep in mind, the search crawlers are not humans, they are programmed and they need direction and help to figure out what is there is the website. Never make them too short or complicated. Make them easy and simple so that the crawlers have no issue at all to read and find them.


 This year all you need is to make the website user-friendly. Allow the searchers to get their answers from your site without facing any technical and readability issue. Add share buttons for social media so that they can share the content to these platforms.

It adds to theSEO for the website and increases the value of the site.

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Stay updated and find more ways and updates to appear in the top result for the searches made. Finally, SEO will work with some new and some tweaked dynamics which you need to know to get the top ranking for your website.

Author Bio: “Brij Bhushan Singh is a Professional Blogger and Content writer. He is working with Ranking By SEO. In his professional life he has written many useful articles about WordPress, social media, SEO and almost all about Digital Marketing.”

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  1. Thanks for these helpful tips. These are the basic factors that need to be considered also adding the keywords in the content will help to bring traffic to your website. Keep sharing your knowledge.

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