The Importance of Search Engine Marketing and Pay-Per-Click Advertising For Your Business

With changing marketing trends and techniques time to time, it’s becoming more difficult for brands and businesses to get the maximum exposure in today’s competitive marketplace. The traditional methods of advertisements are still in the existence but they all have dried up. On the other hand, running a business on the internet has allowed maximizing the chance of getting people to notice your business with unique and informative web content.

Luckily, there are many ways of growing business online, building brand awareness and standing out from the crowd. In this competitive marketplace, SMEs are looking more efficient ways to invest their money in marketing and advertising their businesses. One of the most effective ways of internet marketing strategies is pay per click advertising or paid search marketing that every business should take advantage of it.

Search Engine Marketing is the best form of digital marketing strategy that allows you to gain more website traffic and generate quality leads for your business through paid advertising.

There are three types of search engine marketing – Organic Search, Paid Search and Local Search

Organic Search: Organic Search refers to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Organic search results appear organically based on quality content, targeted keywords, better landing page optimization and with effective latest SEO techniques. It involves on-page and off-page techniques and tools to rank on the first page of the Google. It is little time taking process but when it is optimized correctly, Google displays the website in the first page of organic search result.

Paid Search: It refers to the Google Adwords services and programs.  Bing ads and Yahoo ads both have similar kind of pay per click ads strategies but drive less traffic than Google. It does not take so long to take first place in the search engine because you have more control to set the bidding of your particular ads and improve the results more quickly.


Local Search: It’s a process of getting found by local searchers in your local area. Local search is also done organically by submitting your website to local business sites. You do not have control over its ranking what Google wants to show up for a search. The only difference between local search and organic search is that Organic search ranks the individual pages of your website, while local search ranks your entire website.

How does Search Engine Marketing Work?

The objective of search engine marketing is to improve website’s visibility and sites ranking in the search engine through paid services. It is also known as pay per click marketing, cost per click marketing, paid search advertising or paid search marketing.

Google allows you to bid on a series of keywords or search terms that are related to your product or services and be on the top of the line consistently.

For Example, A person types in the Google search for “digital marketing training course.”

Google will display two types of result, one organic result and on the other hand, paid results.


Google prefers to put the paid results first in front of visitors than the organic one. So, there is a higher chance the person looking for information, will click on either first or second URLs if he finds the relevant information what he looking for.

Once the ad is clicked, Google charges for that one click. This is how actually Pay Per Click advertising works.

Pay-per-click advertisements are the primary product of search engines. This is why any search engine gives the preference to your paid ads to make your website appear on the first page of Google. As a result, Search engine marketing increases and enhances your brand awareness, sell products, and generate online leads and maximize the opportunities for generating more revenue or sales.

The reasons why search engine marketing and pay per click advertising are important

Instant Quality Traffic: An advertiser can create and manage PPC campaign on Google, Yahoo or Bing within an hour with effective search results. It allows you to select the appropriate targeted keywords, manage the bid where it’s required so that you can make your website appear on the first page of the Google and drive instant quality traffic to your business.

Traffic Consistency: Every business goal is to keep getting enough traffic consistently in order to maintain the pace of a business. Irrelevant or Irregular traffic can hamper the quality of your website. Therefore, it is crucial to be able to drive genuine traffic regularly. With Search Engine marketing techniques you have enough control to get the high amount of traffic because you are associated directly with the publisher to pay per click, per day or per month.

Search Terms: Here is one more benefit of search engine marketing that Google Adwords make easy for you to optimize the keywords with the help of search terms report. It allows you to measure the performance of your campaign; which keyword is triggering the ads on the search network.

Search terms also help you identify the new search term with high potential, and give you suggestion to add them to your existing keyword list. By doing this you can avoid spending extra money on showing your ads to people who are not interested in it.

Online Visibility: One of the most valuable benefits of PPC advertising is to increase the online visibility that can reach millions of audience with a few strategic and well-planned clicks.

We all know that doing business online is not an easy task. There are thousands of similar content or websites floating over the web, and it is really crucial for people to notice your website only. This is why search engine marketing is one of the great digital marketing techniques for refining and gaining quality traffic.

With search engine marketing strategies, you can set up and manage your Google AdWords campaign according to your goal and can make sure your website is visible only for a specific set of keywords that are relevant to your business. You can maximize the opportunities of generating only qualified lead which can turn into a paying customer.

Brand Awareness: We already have seen many advantages of search engine marketing as described above. However, one of the best benefits of Paid search marketing is generating brand awareness, increasing visibility of your product and services.

Google Adwords allows you to generate brand awareness with Google’s Display Network. You can choose the place where you want to show your ads, and put the ads in front of many people within your target audience. You can also measure the success of a brand-building campaign by tracking conversions, impressions and lot of other statistics.

Building keywords: Keyword Research is a big challenge in online business. The keyword is a specific set of words which are typed in the Google as a search term to find the relevant information.

To remain on the first page of Google, you need to brainstorm with a lot of keywords research. Without proper keyword strategy, you will not be able to locate your website on any search engine.

Google Adwords is the most common pay per click advertising platform that every business uses to run the ads on the Google search engine. It has a great keyword planner tool which gives you the reliability to ease down your burden with keyword brainstorming. You will gain full control over your Google AdWords ads by understanding the types of keyword matching option. Keywords suggested by Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool can also be used to rank organically in the Google search engine.

Targeting Your Ads: Targeting ads is a crucial part of a paid search marketing campaign. People generally click on natural results more than the sponsored ads. Therefore, you need to optimize and design your ads in such way that it looks natural in the search result. There is a big advantage of paid advertising that it allows you to edit, optimize, test, and track for maximum conversion. It gives the idea to advertisers and marketers that which ads or keywords are working best for them. You can get the complete access to show your ads to the right people on right time. This is exactly how to do search engine marketing to get the maximum out of it.

Ad relevancy: Search results are all about having ad relevancy. Your ad relevance is the main component of generating quality traffic and indicates how relevant your landing pages are to the customer’s search query or term. If a customer clicks on your ad and visits to the page but does not find the relevant information on your landing page what he is looking for then it will lower down the quality score of your ads and keywords. With paid search marketing, the advertiser gets best user experience to target and receive only refined and quality leads.

Conversion tracking: You can set up conversion tracking as a goal. With Google Adwords conversion tracking, you can monitor and track the performance of your particular ads activities. Like leads generation, website purchases, app downloads, newsletter signups and many more.

This way you can get the insights of each ad campaign, ad groups or keywords depending on what conversion you have set up in conversion tracking tool. This allows you to make your paid search marketing campaign more successful for any online business.


Apart from Google Adwords, there are also other forms of Pay-Per-Click Advertising. Such as Google Adsense that allows publishers to display Google AdWords ads and creates an opportunity to make an online income by placing those ads on their websites. Get more information how it works.

I recommend you not to invest a single cent on poorly setup search engine marketing campaign; it can cost you a lot with no result.

If you are expecting to get more outcomes through your paid search advertising but don’t know how to do this. Get in touch with a PPC professional for results-driven search engine marketing services and take the advantage of growing your business 10X higher.

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