How To Use Facebook To Build Your Network Marketing?

facebook-connects-people-worldwideMany Marketers are struggling with how to figure out the right balance when using Facebook to build their Network Marketing business. Huge percentages of network marketers are not successful with their social marketing ideas or tools. However few of them are stick to the social media rules to build a successful business.

Nowadays almost everyone is using social media sites to share their words, thoughts and build relationships with people. If you look around, you will find out that whole world is on social media. The only thing is that there is a need of Wi-Fi or internet connection more necessarily than water, food, and air for making our lives superior.

These days we do not have to leave the house, we can approach our business using social networks like Facebook and Twitter. These tools give us constant opportunities to connect with people who may be interested in our business, or products.

Building relationship with people on social media is important nowadays. If you have planned to use Facebook for building your network marketing business, you need to set your goal to develop for a long term. Your motive is to provide valuable input towards the marketplace and also developing the relationship with people.

Just pitching your network marketing opportunity or product every time does not work very well. So, you need to spend some time to build relationships with people that you connect with them. If building relationship goes smoothly, you will start getting followers automatically.

 The best way of prospecting for network marketing on Facebook

You need to create a good professional profile first on Facebook. Once you have your profile looking attractive, so that when someone looks at it they will think “Yes, I’d like to work alongside this person”, you can now start the more effective process of Facebook prospecting.

This tried-and-tested method is used by hundreds of thousands of successful network marketers in thousands of companies. I’d recommend setting yourself a target of prospecting five new people a day.

Record keeping is essential, so be sure to keep a note of all the people you speak with, and their current position through your process – from initial contact and rapport building, through to watching your presentation, arranging a 3-way call, and making a Yes/No decision about becoming a customer or distributor with you.

So remember, to be successful in network marketing you must position yourself as being an expert in your field.


Share tips on your facebook wall related to the interests of your potential clients and business partners – for example, if you are in a health and wellness business there are endless topics you can cover – simply find tips or news, and blog about it, or make a video about it, and share that on your wall.

 Use a different profile for professional marketing purposes. When you use social media for marketing, you need to be selective in building your friend’s list. you want to attract and connect with people like yourself.

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