6 Key Benefits of User-Generated Content

Marketing is entering a new dimension where the marketers do less, and the customers do more!

Yeah, the customers would do the marketing for the brand. The brand should keep up the quality of their products or services, and just deliver it to the market with a unique hashtag. The rest will be taken care of by the users.

Social media has emerged to be a gift for the brands when it comes to marketing. Marketers could take the optimum advantage of digital platforms for visual commerce. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have taken over the internet with great potential for marketing. 

User-generated content is the upcoming big thing for marketing and is considered to be a vital portion of a marketing strategy. Let’s explore UGC and its potential to bring up your brand.

UGC – The Definition

User-generated content can be referred to be as any form of content, be it visual, audio, or text, published online to social media. Brands repurpose this content for their marketing campaigns if they get permission from the creator to reuse the content.

UGC could be a photo, video, blog post, audio clip, or just a text post describing the user’s experience with the product or service.

Why is UGC holding the value in the next-gen marketing strategy?

There are several reasons for UGC is emerging to be beheld as a valuable asset for a brand. Having it in the marketing kit can definitely bring up social media attention that would empower the purpose of your whole marketing strategy. Here are some of the key benefits of user-generated content for your marketing strategy.

  1. Lesser Efforts & Minimum Investment

As the content is created by the users themselves, the marketers of a brand don’t need to invest much in the process of content creation and promotion. The promotion of the products via content would be done on the social media handles of the customers. 

The marketing department could just give the users a hashtag to use and then can go on for a vacation, as the user-generated content would do magic to bring in more customers for your brand.

  1. More Conversions

For marketers, web traffic is a key performance indicator. But bringing in more traffic is just not it. Converting traffic is a matter of profitability for any brand. Rather than brand-produced content, user-generated content has converted the traffic to sales at a higher rate.

Adapting user-generated content for your prior content marketing strategy would be a smarter decision than any other genre of content.

  1. Trust-worthy Content

User-generated content works as an indirect reference. No one believes in the so-called “facts” that are promoted by the brands themselves. On the other hand, UGC is shared by the customers themselves with their happy experiences with the brand and their product/ service.

The reliability factor in user-generated content makes the lead trust the brand and encourages them to buy the product by taking them closer to the point of purchase. UGC also benefits your brand not just by putting up relevant consumer posts, but by playing with the consumer’s mind to fit in with peers.

  1. Social Media Reach

Whatever be the number of your social followers, their love for your product remains unknown until they know about it. To get your product known among the followers, you need ads or UGC. Why use paid ads when UGC plays the role of free ads, that too in a better way. 

A customer bought your product and is happy with the choice they made. They could share it with their followers. As they share it for a personal reason, it would open up a gate for your brand’s marketing potential. 

People these days have a certain FOMO when they see a product that they adore giving a good, purposeful experience to someone they know. Like friends who are like-minded, there is a possibility of getting the same product in the circles of who shared the content priorly. In this way, circle by circle, it creates a huge chance to increase sales by boosting social media reach.

  1. Authentic Content

Just like the reliability factor, the factor of authenticity is also crucial when it comes to promotional content or ads. Authentic content for marketing must include the people who are enjoying your product and should feel value-for-money, as does in user-generated content.

As the content is created by the users of the product and is delivering their experience of the product, there is nothing fabricated in it. With no overdone models or edited photos, UGC serves the brand as genuine content for marketing and truth for the online users.

  1. Audience Insights

In traditional marketing formats, the customers were always asked to review the product by giving their feedback and suggestions to improve performance. But now, customers are bored of this.

Now, the customer themselves gives feedback with their content on social media. User-generated content works as the review and feedback, with no requirements of a questionnaire. 

UGC itself conveys the insights of the customers regarding the product, price, and features to the brand. The above said authentic factor of the content lets the brand know their honest opinions which really matter to them. 

The Final Catch

The emerging trend of UGC and the factors around it is turning the marketing world upside down. Top UGC platforms like Taggbox is offering tools to utilize user-generated content in multiple ways to cover all your marketing touchpoints. 

Starting from the collection of the content, it performs curation, moderation, and also helps you attractively display the UGC for all your marketing purposes.

With the content marketing trends taking a new turn, the brands who are updating their strategies would be soon left behind. Along with your precious digital presence, taking ahead UGC could give you a strong hand to gain more exposure along with more conversions.

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