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7 Benefits of Choosing WordPress as Your CMS

Every smart ecommerce development company would make it clear to you that you need your business to compete favorable in the online space, as there are more than 45% of the world’s population online.

The magento development opined that creating a beautiful and user friendly website comes with understanding the conceptual interface of the website itself. Hence, content representation and publication is paramount.

Integrating or building your website with WordPress content management system is one of the best gift you can give your website.

These are the 7 benefits of choosing WordPress as your CMS:

  1. Cost effective

Magento development as an ecommerce development company has found out over the years that one of the fears of any business owner when taking their business online is the cost they would have to incur during such process.

With the advent of WordPress, business owner have one less thing to worry about. WordPress is absolutely free!

Which means you don’t need to pay any amount to get a functional CMS on your website and enjoy all the other benefits that comes with it?

  1. Publishing Ease

It is no news that to be effectively visible online, one of the most important things to pay maximum attention to is publishing your content.

The WordPress CMS is designed in such way that publishing all forms of content (text, images, audios, and videos) on it with relative ease. You don’t need any background on programming or anything of such before you can get your content out.

This is why ecommerce development company such as magento development always make it point clear that developing your website with WordPress makes it easy for you to be successful in publishing your podcasts, graphics images, photos, and videos without any hassle.

Is that not great?

  1. Improved Online Store

As an ecommerce development company, it is only rational for magento development to know the importance of having an online store if your business has products to sell.

And one of the easiest ways to get this ultimately done is integrating a plugin called woocommerce on your WordPress store. What you get is a sophisticated online store created with great simplicity.

From product images, pricing, coupon, stock keeping, descriptions, and host of other great features are available on the woocommerce plugin. You will definitely love it.

  1. Mobile Oriented and Friendly Interface

All research works carried out on online users is directly pointing to the high rate of mobile users than the traditional PC users. The data is so genuine that you will ask yourself the last time you read that blog post on your PC.

Smartphone is taking over and WordPress came prepared with user oriented mobile friendly interface.

Meaning your users get to see your website concisely on their smartphone. Nothing beats that.

I am sure you are getting the reason why magento development and other ecommerce development company keep recommending WordPress for your website.

  1. Improved SEO and Visibility

As a versatile ecommerce development company, magento development understands that regardless of how beautiful your website looks like, if it is not visible online, then it is nothing to be proud of, it is as good as dead.

That is why WordPress is super great at tightening those loose ends.

Your WordPress ecommerce store can be easily crawled by search engine and you can also introduce WordPress SEO plugins such as Yoast to your website. This will ultimately improve your search rankings.

  1. Presentation

So many websites and ecommerce stores run on the WordPress CMS and they have layouts and looks that differ according to the nature of their industry.

This is one of the benefits of having WordPress as your CMS.

WordPress comes with lots of free and premium themes that can be used and edited in ways that are appealing to your users and how you want your business to be seen. These themes are in their thousands, therefore, everyone get what they want.

Magento development will always be that ecommerce development company that will always advise you to use this CMS.

  1. Teamwork

It is understandable that your business might have lot of people in your content creation, publishing, and SEO team, with each person having different degree of authority within the team.

With the WordPress CMS, you can add up all the members as contributor, author, admin, etc. and give them diverse authority on the platform.

With this, magento development believes you will be able to monitor the activities that happen on your website.


Ecommerce Development Company such as magento development knows the value of CMS on your website and with these benefits you have just checked out here, you should understand why WordPress is their primary choice.

Let’s know if you have any other benefit of WordPress that we forgot to mention here.

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