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Greetings from Techfee, and a warm welcome to my blog!


First of all, I want to thank you for visiting my website, and I appreciate that you showed interest in knowing more about me and my blog.


But before I tell you something about my blog, I would love to introduce myself, who I am, what I do, where I come from, and how I chose this career. 


It will be a bit long, so enjoy this reading with a cup of coffee or tea.


Who I am

My name is Md Afraz Alam. I am a full-time Digital Marketing Professional, Blogger, Self-learner, and Marketing Research Analyst.

Talking about my educational background, I passed my graduation (Bachelor of Arts) from IGNOU and completed my MBA in Marketing from Sikkim Manipal University.   

I was born and brought up in Bihar & Jharkhand and have settled in Kolkata since 2009.

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Years of Experience


My Experience

I am not a marketing guru or business expert, but I can do large-scale digital marketing and build a profitable blog. 

I have seen many ups and downs in my digital marketing career from 2014 to 2024, and I can share with you all the best practices and productive strategies I use for my blog and website.

Other than this,

  • Controlling and evaluating the organization’s fundraising plans and capital structure.
  • Driving the company’s financial planning and analyzing the organization’s liabilities & investments.
  • Proposing and managing marketing research projects to generate consumer insights in support of improved marketing strategy and communications.
  • Building marketing strategies to support specific marketing objectives across different channels.

Digital Marketing Consultant

@Startup Idols. I have been working for this company since 2018 and helping clients to grow their businesses with effective digital marketing services.


Digital Marketing Executive

@A1 Future Technology. I did a full-time digital marketing job where I worked on different industry projects. 


Online Marketing Strategiest

@Compete Infotech Academy. I did certification and started for the same academy to improve my skills.


Freelance Marketing

I was freelancing on Fiverr and oDesk and making some sort of money. 

How My Digital Marketing Journey Started


I already had been marketing of different-different industry’s products offline (door to door) back in 2005, right after I passed out my 10th exam to make some pocket money before I came to this digital marketing world.

I have done a marketing job for a Private Library to get the students’ registration, and I used to earn commissions. I also did marketing work for a coin-operated telephone (PCO) back in 2006. I then did a marketing job for a few months in Eureka Forbes to sell the vacuum cleaner, and I also did postpaid connection marketing & selling for Airtel.  


I am taking the time to tell you about my offline marketing background because I want you to know my entire journey and why and how I came to this digital marketing industry and stopped here.


Honestly, I was baffled regarding my career. I wanted to see myself holding just any suitable position in any company where I could get a sufficient salary to lead an average life. I was going through some financial crisis already; I came to Kolkata from Jharkhand in 2009 with dreams of getting a good job, but at that time, I was holding my higher secondary degree only, so I did not get that kind of job I dreamt of, tried a lot but did not work. Finally, I got a job in Aegis Ltd as a Customer Service Associate. It was a domestic call center. 


Since my target was to hold any suitable position in any big firm where I could get at least an average salary to maintain my basic lifestyle, still, without proper education, it was not working correctly. 


So I considered furthering my studies and enrolled in IGNOU in 2012 for a Bachelor of Arts. After graduating, I also completed MBA in Marketing from Sikkim Manipal University in 2014. I thought my master’s degree in marketing and my previous marketing experience, whatever I had, might help me to hold a good position in any company, like a Sr. Marketing Executive or Manager. But somehow or the other, it also did not work. 


I was disconnected and disturbed about what to do, and one fine day I browsed all of a sudden Google “How to make a bright career in Marketing,” and Google showed me something related to digital marketing.


I googled more about it and explored the future scope. I found it fascinating and took a course in Digital Marketing in 2014 from Compete Infotech, Salt Lake, Sec V, Kolkata. Right after my course completion, I started freelancing on Fiverr and Odesk, which is Upwork. I was making money during my freelancing. At the same time, I joined A1 Future Technology as a Digital Marketing Executive to grab real-time practical experience where I worked on different industry verticals’ projects.  


It is how I entered the Digital Marketing space and started my journey in this industry. I have also blogged during my course for best practices, where I have experienced many more, but that was to teach myself.


I currently work as a Digital Marketing Head for Startup Idols – Digital Marketing Agency specializing in branding, storytelling, and supporting startups to shape them into success stories with exclusive digital marketing services.


And along with this, I am focused on full-time blogging here on Techfee, where I can share proven SEO tips & tricks, best practices, marketing researched strategies, and the correct method of making money online.

I am no one unique here to teach you, but yes, I would love to share all the best practices and actionable digital marketing strategies that I have learned so far, which can help you to learn & earn your marketing skills. And I am sure these productive skills can help you one day to make a full-time or passive income online.


About Techfee

Techfee is a blogging website where I write about Digital Marketing Strategies, Web Hosting, Word Press, SEO Tips & Tricks, Affiliate Marketing, Tech News & Reviews, Online Money Making, Cryptocurrencies, Social Media, etc. 


I must say writing is effortless but ranking those write-ups on Google is always a challenging task. So here on Techfee, you will get articles on tools & techniques, and guides that can help you rank your content in search engines and increase traffic on your site. You will also learn how to make money online with digital marketing skills as a freelancer or blogger or choose a career as a full-time professional.


I want to add that this blog is not for those looking for quick methods of generating revenue or trick to becoming rich overnight. However, if you are passionate about learning skills and have sufficient patience, then you are at the right place.


I see a longtime vision here for my audience. It is to gather and connect all aspiring bloggers or digital marketers to this platform where we can learn & earn together, grabbing all the hacks of Internet and Content marketing. It’s an open opportunity for newbie marketing professionals where every interested individual can contribute or showcase their expertise, skills, and digital marketing success strategies in the form of blog writing.

I will publish their content authorizing their name in the author section so they can also build their audience. In short, I welcome interested guest bloggers who want to contribute their articles to my site. Techfee will provide all the Technical skills and marketing strategies without asking for any Fee. That’s what Techfee is.


What I have understood is, Blogging or Digital Marketing is not a one-day game. It’s a time taking process. I want to take all those freshers or newbies with me interested in doing something in blogging. My main motive is to educate and motivate those people with my informative content delivery who easily give up. First, we need to learn the process step by step and earn proper skills; then, only we can expect to make money with real experience. 


So here I will be sharing all the valuable tips, how to, what to, tricks, strategies, and techniques that can help one to earn marketing skills.

So what are you waiting for?


Let’s get connected today and grab digital marketing solutions altogether.


It’s free.


Thank you.

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