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I check the accuracy of each post twice and thrice before publishing. All the articles in this blog are entirely based on my personal views. I’m 99.9 % honest with all the reviews and tutorials. But I might make a mistake, so please read the entire article carefully about any thought or tutorial before applying or buying.

I am a passionate blogger, writing every article passionately after completing research. However, I am also a learner and share the same thing with you so that you can also learn along with me.

You can ask questions if you have any related to my articles by commenting below my every post.

I use third-party advertisements to monetize my blog. Some of them, like AdSense, use the DART cookie to serve advertisements based on a user’s interest and previous interactions. But, of course, a user can always opt out of the DART cookie settings by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy.

I spend time exploring the images for my blog. Most of the images used in my blog’s content are edited by me using Canva. In addition, I try to put my website’s logo on each image so that no one can misuse them.

If you find my disclaimer confusing, please contact me by filling out the contact form for clarification.

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