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If you are curious about sharing your online business ideas, digital marketing strategies, or SEO tools & techniques in the form of a blog post, then you have come to the right place. I always welcome you to write for us a guest post for our readers. However, before submitting your piece of content, I will request you read these guidelines thoroughly.

Important note: Our publication row for contributed articles can be up to 3-4 weeks or months long. To ensure our article backlog doesn’t grow, we publish only the most valuable articles for our audience; accordingly, we supervise to be highly picky. And it is Free! We don’t charge for guest posting.

If you can’t wait that long, Techfee offers a Sponsored Article choice: Under the contract of my sponsored article, the “how-to” article or opinion/thought-leadership type of content you invest gets bumped to the front of my audience within one week time. So you no need to wait for four months long. Your content will be published on my site and shared with subscribers through an email newsletter. I will also promote your article on my various social media channels. But it still must be accepted for publication by my editorial team. 

In the bio section at the end of the article, you can choose to link to your resources page or any landing pages of your site.

Price starts for a sponsored article at $29 for one piece of content, but for multiple guest posts, discounts are applied.

Topics that I cover in my blog posts

Techfee shares business-to-business marketing-related content covering digital marketing, SEO, Latest tech news, updates, and online money-making ideas. I want to share with my audience the proven marketing strategies and best practices to scale up any business in this digital age.

Here are the following topics:


  • Marketing Operations & Management
  • Branding
  • Business, Startups & Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing Metrics & Measurement
  • Competitive Analysis/Competition
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Customer Experience
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Paid Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Graphics Designing
  • WordPress
  • Web Development
  • Ecommerce
  • Web Hosting
  • Marketing Tools
  • Make Money
  • Freelancing
  • Blogging
  • Vlogging
  • Ad networks
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Tech News
  • Reviews

Types of Content I Publish

  • “How-to” premium quality article related to topics I cover for my audience.
  • Content for ebooks
  • Market researched content that can help my audience in the current time to grow their skills or business.
  • Articles are filled with valuable opinions, insights, and views that are unique and can not be found easily anywhere.
  • Content for Infographics

Please do not share duplicate or spam content. My team will anyways reject it, but it will consume my team’s effort and time for nothing.

Guidelines to be followed by you

  • I get a lot of submissions request in my inbox. Following these guidelines will increase your chances of getting your article published in Techfee in less time:
  • Articles should be 1000 – 1500 words. Your article must include quality images, charts, and graphics if they help clarify a point.
  • Articles should be original to the author and unpublished elsewhere.
  • Focus on practical advice, actionable tips, and helpful know-how about a specific marketing topic or approach to marketing (see the topic list above).  
  • Please write in a fresh, approachable voice. Sound like one to one conversation.
  • Include relevant links directly preceding the words to be linked (the anchor text); do not embed the links in the anchor text (but feel free to underline that anchor text).
  • Submit articles as Microsoft Word files, not PDF or other file types, sent as email attachments.
  • And most importantly, write SEO-friendly content.
  • Include a brief bio of 25 words, including LinkedIn and Twitter contact info, if available, and a recent headshot.
  • If your article is accepted for publication, I will inform you; expect to hear from me within a week or two.
  • If I don’t accept your article, you may or may not hear from me, depending on how crowded my inbox is.
  • You likely won’t hear back if you haven’t followed the above guidelines.

Benefits of Guest blogging on Techfee

  • Free targeted publicity
  • Reach RSS readers
  • Social media promotion
  • Smart ways to earn or build backlinks to your website
  • Drive targeted traffic
  • Improve your search engine ranking
  • Get a chance to be featured on the homepage

What After Acceptance of Your Guest Post?

  • Your article will be edited for clarity and brevity and to conform to Techfee’s house style.
  • My team will also change your headline, so you might want to suggest alternatives.
  • Techfee reserves the right to edit the content and its title if it is unsuitable.
  • Techfee may also reprint your piece or excerpts from it, with full attribution, including marketing materials.
  • We do not pay guest contributors for their articles.

Still, have a question? Please email info@techfee.com or contact me here.

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