15 content marketing tips

15 Quick Content Marketing Tips to Engage More Customers

Content Marketing Tips

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content for the purpose of increasing your web traffic, getting new customers, making more sales or simply increase brand awareness.

Also, instead of just publishing content on the Web with no purpose, you create and distribute content for satisfying specific marketing objectives.

Advantages of Content Marketing

Content marketing has many advantages to an online business. Here are some benefits of content marketing:-

  •  Traffic  from Search Engines

Good content can get your higher rankings and more targeted traffic from search engines as your site would come on the front pages of the results.

  • Visits from Social Media

Better content is more likely to be shared on social media, which in turn can give you a large number of followers on social media.

  • SEO beneficial

Quality content is the heart of SEO. Websites that have original and quality content are better than websites that don’t have good content.

  • Brand Popularity

Having a quality and attractive content is one of the best ways to promote your brand and online reputation.

  • More conversions

Good content can generate more leads and sales as it increases your website traffic.

  • Customer Relationships

Customer relationships have always been valuable but become more essential in the digital world because several people rely on the opinion of other people to make purchase decisions.  The user engages more with good content by providing their comments, reviews, rating and expressing their opinions.

After having an insight into content marketing and its benefits, here we give you some quick content marketing tips to engage more customers:-

1. Organised Content Marketing Plan

A content marketing strategy can only be successful only when it starts with a good and organised plan.

Whenever we talk about content marketing, may people think about blogging. This is not wrong, but having an organized content marketing strategy, it’s not just about setting up a blog and start publishing content. Blogging is an important aspect of content marketing but that’s not the complete package. It is only one of the paths required to execute your effective content marketing strategy.

A well-organised plan must include all of the tips outlined below.

2. Evergreen and Trending Content

Both evergreen and trending content is worthy of getting traffic to your website. Never do the mistake of leaving out a hot topic, if present, in your space. But keep in mind that you’re not churning out the same content that everyone else is by providing.

Evergreen content will help you establish a solid online presence, which in turn will get you more traffic. The benefit of writing about evergreen subjects is that you can update it every year (or more often) and get a lot of audience with a lot less work. Evergreen Content is always relevant, that is, not associated with a particular time but it is useful whenever you read it. It is searchable, meaning, it covers topics users search for in Google.

3. SEO friendly

Anything that you publish on a website must be a part of your SEO strategy and in-line your social media marketing strategy. Before framing any content, make sure that it’s aligned with your SEO and social media efforts because search engines look for optimized pages and social media has a huge customer base. When planning and creating content, you need to think about SEO, but also keep in mind that content can also improve your search positions.

As mentioned earlier, look to identify gaps, but also to optimise for the terms that bring in the traffic.

4. Specific and Relevant Content

When you start writing content for your website ensure that it is related to your niche and area of expertise. Many people think this is obvious, but still, people get it wrong.

For example, if you are running a travel blog you should not publish a post about your tech and gadgets just because you like it. Nobody will argue with you for doing so but there are chances of that benefits from that post are minimized.


In order to be a great marketer, you must first understand your customer. To be honest, it doesn’t matter that much what business niche you’re in; what matters more is that you understand that people buy products or services because they find them relevant and helpful.

While developing content, be as specific as possible. Be relevant, concise, and helpful. Provide value for your customers, rather than trying to hard-sell them. This attitude will lead to great content and will get a lot of shares on social media.

5. Be Original

This is the only way to stand apart from the crowd. Same content with slight modifications are coming up, so trying to present your own ideas is the best way to differentiate yourself from the rest. The best way to do this is to use your own thoughts and words, rather than regurgitating press releases and white papers. Of course, this won’t be the only content marketing tips article on the web but these are tips written from own experiences and are not plagiarised.

6. Thorough and Shareable Content

When it comes to text content like blog posts, various surveys have found that lengthy content (above 1500 words) ranks higher in search engines and it is more shareable in social media.

The idea we get from these studies is that it is better to publish a long detail post that covers all aspects of a topic rather than publish 2-3 smaller articles. Since lengthy content is more shareable in social media, this also means that you are not only fetching good information to search engines but you also give users what they want.

7.  Conversational and Simple Language

Exceptional content is never complicated. People will be excited to read an article written in conversational and simple language because they understand the subject very well, the writing is easy to read, and it speaks to them. Moreover, you can create your own unique voice that matches your brand and suits the audience.

8. Content Formatting

By content formatting, it is meant that text is adorned by the use of paragraphs, bold, italics, headings, good font size etc. Taking care of the formatting of your content is also good for SEO and it sends a good message that you are trying to build a high-quality website.

If you combine different types of content together, that is, text, images, videos,etc., then this makes the user experience better.

9. Update Content Regularly

Content marketing without consistency is just like a kid studying that is not performed on a regular basis. In order to grow your brand’s reputation, you should create and share valuable and qualitative content regularly. It means that you’ll always have to publish something new. You can make your life easier by using content distribution automation software.


10. Catchy Titles

The title of a page, post, image or any other media file is very important for many reasons. It helps search engines as well as the viewers to understand what the content is about. It attracts users attention and encourages more clicks to visit a particular page. So, before hitting the publish button make sure that your content has an optimized and eye-catching title.

11. Analytics

Analytics matter a lot. A content marketing management is actually dependent on statistics, as you always have to optimize and eventually scale your efforts. You’ll notice different results through your analytics. Make sure your site is verified with Google Search Console and check out which pages are currently on the second page. Go to the “Search Analytics” tab and rank your queries by “Position.” Anything that ranks between 10 and 20 is on the second page.

12. Guest Posting

Guest posting is really an underrated strategy among many content creators. They think that they should not create content for others. But in order to gain search engine rankings, you need more traffic, and you need more brand reputation. You can find authoritative websites within your niche that are not in direct competition with your offers and craft quality posts.

13. Organize into Categories

When you are doing content marketing consistently, you will have lots of content and if it is not organized properly then you will get lost. The best strategy is to organize your content into relevant categories and subcategories and then use appropriate tags, keywords and descriptions for searching purposes.

14. Target Audience

Focus on audiences rather than customers. The aim should be to produce content that is compelling but also aligned with your brand. Have a glance at your best customers, and your most engaged visitors, and figure out what kind of content attracts these people.

Any content marketing services need to be directed towards a specific target audience. Although you would prefer that every single person in the world was your ideal customer, that is almost impossible.

15. Long Term Investment

To earn something from content marketing, you have to invest something – money and time.

want content marketing services

If you have a decent amount of traffic visiting your website and following your social media pages, then with content marketing ideas, you can turn those visitors into customers. If you are just starting, then this means that you need to spend money as well as time to create good quality content to boost your social media following and rankings.

These were some ideas from the content management system to enhance your customer number. You can separately find SEO content writing tips and social media content ideas on websites.

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